Data Visualization

The question that I was interested in was:  “How many people end up working in the same field as their 
Bachelor’s Degree?
For this I took data from US Census Bureau for the year 2012 and concentrated on the data, 'bachelor's degrees' and 'occupations'. I felt this was a way to analyze how many people “studied what” and ended up “doing what”. Ideally, this data visualization will be found on a website

The Concept
In the center are the various degrees represented by different colors. Each degree holds the total number of people who studied it. Each small circle is 100,000 people and the color represents the degree those people have studied. Around the degrees are the floating occupations. They are placed closer to the similar degree.
On hover, each degree gets highlighted indicating that it can be clicked and interacted with. On click, all the people who have studied that particular degree will move towards various occupation and take their position around the occupations in a way that it’s easy to compare how many are now doing what work.
If the degrees in the center is clicked on, all the people from all the degrees will move towards various occupations giving us a holistic view by which we can compare various occupations and people from various degrees in that occupation. The degrees in the center becomes an empty circle showing no people but the circle retains color so that we can easily see which color belongs to which degree and how many people were in it.
The data can be viewed the other way round as well. If any of the occupations is clicked on, only that occupation will have all the people from various degrees gather around it. Thus each occupation can be clicked on to find out the number of people and the various degrees they hold.